Websites that you can update yourself

If you have a website that has a news or blog page, as most of the websites we produce have, it’s really important to post content on them as regularly as you can.

Obviously, if a new visitor comes to your website and they see that you’ve posted some news about yourself or the company recently, they immediately know that you are active and ‘on-the-ball’. There are so many old and static websites on the internet these days and yours will rise above these in the minds of your potential client or customer, because you’re obviously alive and still in business!

Websites that you can update yourself Posting regular news also gives a really nice insight into the ongoing journey of you and your business. If a potential customer can see that you did a charity fun run two years ago, and you had a fun Christmas party at a local restaurant you immediately become slightly more familiar to them. Interspersing your news with relevant industry news and company offers makes your news feed a really interesting and constantly developing part of your website.

Of course, another huge benefit of posting ‘news’ is Search Engine Optimisation. Google likes websites that are vibrant and relevant so if your website gets regular updates you have a better chance of ranking above your competitor who may only update their website periodically. There are many other influencing factors in SEO but this is certainly a fairly significant one.

If you’d like to know more about websites that you can update yourself, or the search engine optimisation packages we offer, please contact us.